Commencement of Care

Orientation Process

Once you have been offered a position with us at Wattletree Early Childhood Centre we will organise the orientation process. Initially, you will have an orientation meeting with the Director or Assistant Director. During this meeting you will be given information about the Centre and will be introduced to your child’s educators. The Director or Assistant Director will answer any questions you may have, and go through all the relevant documents for your child’s enrolment, including any medical conditions or dietary requirements we may need to be aware of.

Orientation visit times and duration can be discussed with the service. We recommend two visits so that your child can become familiar with the Centre environment, routines and educators, while your child still has the security of a family member being present. You and your child may stay for a meal, participate in toileting and outside play routines etc. Educators will especially aim to establish what changes may be needed to the room routine, food, toileting, bedding, program etc to better accommodate the child’s or family’s needs.