Our Educators

Our qualified educators provide a warm, caring and stimulating environment to meet the needs of all children and to encourage our children’s learning and development. We believe in demonstrating a great respect for each child and family through effective communication, trust and a commitment to common goals.

Our educators aim to establish the foundations for each child’s positive lifelong learning. We are committed to providing high expectations for each child’s learning and developmental capabilities, recognising that all children learn and develop in their own unique way.

The Committee of Management is committed to seeking out educators of the highest calibre.  Educators are carefully selected based on their qualifications, experience and enthusiasm for educating young children. We aim to employ high quality Early Childhood Educators who have in-depth understanding of childhood development, who work well in a team environment and who share the values that influence our philosophy.

Our team consists of highly motivated professionals who are dedicated to the care and education of children.  All Educators are qualified, with most holding a Diploma in Children’s Services (Education and Care), or a Bachelor in Education (Early Childhood).

All Educators attend regular training and education in the latest early childhood trends, are dedicated to continual improvement through reflection of our own practices and procedures, and are passionate about educating and working with young children.