Room Three: Warendji (Wombat)


In the Warendji room our aim is to continue to help the children develop life skills and foster a love of learning.  We aim to ensure our learning environment reflects the children and their individual interest’s, needs and personalities.

The experiences provided are founded upon the most natural materials available. The program planning is an organic process created from the children’s expressed interest. Children will be guided to play with the respect principles outlined above and enjoy fun, joy and laughter.

Our program is based both indoors and outdoors. and we are privilege to have our own garden and play area, that provides various sensory and tactile experiences in a natural environment, as well as opportunities to develop gross and fine motor skills, to play and have fun!

Each day our room can cater for up to 12 Children with 3 educators, allowing us to meet the children’s individual needs and routines.