Room One: Walert (Possum)


In the Walert room we provide an environment that is stimulating, inviting, safe and challenging to each child’s stage of development.  We provide a flexible play-based learning environment, and believe this is the most effective way for children to learn and make sense of their world. This means that you will see a variety of experiences that facilitate learning in emotional, social, gross motor, fine motor, arts and crafts, dramatic play and music and movement. We are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), therefore we acknowledge that every child will take a unique path towards achieving their developmental milestones. We realise how exciting and important these times are and feel privileged to share and record these with you.

Through our dedication, training, reflective practice and clear understanding of how children learn and develop, the environment is set up using natural, open ended experiences that promote exploration and investigation. The indoor/outdoor play based curriculum runs throughout the day as children freely move between the different environments, encouraging independence and confidence. Our integrated teaching and learning approaches are hands-on and intentional. Each interaction we have with one or many of the children throughout the day are both meaningful and purposeful.

We recognise and respect culture and invite the families to share their traditions with us throughout the year. We encourage family involvement as we believe that children should see and experience the connections between their home life and the wider community. For children to successfully transition into this new environment, the child and family must feel a sense of belonging within the centre. We strive to achieve this by developing respectful, trusting and supportive relationships with not only the educators but the families and each and every child in our care.

We cater for 10 children within the room, with three qualified early childhood educators, allowing us to meet the children’s individual needs and routines.