Our Committee of Management

Wattletree Early Childhood Centre is managed by a committee of dedicated parents who volunteer annually at our general meeting. Parent committees are a great way for families to be actively involved and contribute to their child’s education and care at the service.

At Wattletree Early Childhood Centre, we value the relationships that we form with the families. It enables us to collaborate, share goals, and utilise family’s expertise in a variety of areas which benefit the service.



The President is authorised to act as chairperson of Wattletree Early Childhood Centre’s (WECC) Committee of Management (CoM). This position requires a person to be interested in representing the families’ overall interests, and be committed to the vision and functions of the centre.


The Treasurer is charged with overseeing the association’s financial affairs. The treasurer does not take sole responsibility for financial decisions but rather is responsible for presenting options to the committee as well as keeping the committee informed on the current financial state of the Association.


The Secretary is crucial to the smooth running of the associations CoM Meeting. This involves activities before, during and after the meetings. The Secretary is responsible for the documentation and communication of the activities of the Committee, and provides a link between the Committee and association members.


The Director is responsible for day to day management of staff, and as such the convenor’s role is to support and assist the Director as required across a variety of staffing needs.

Fundraising & Social

The Fundraising & Social convenor organises a variety of activities throughout the year based on the financial position of the centre. The convenor reinforces community aspects within the centre by involving families in activities and providing opportunities for families to meet and develop a sense of community. By its very nature, fundraising is intended to assist with the cost of meeting planned expenditure, such as improving infrastructure, purchase of capital equipment etc.

Policy & A&R

The role of the Policy and A&R convenor is to support the Director with policy development, implementation and review. The convenor will also offer support with documentation regarding the Assessment & Rating process, Childcare Standards and Service Regulations.