Room 4: Marram (Kangaroo) (3yr old Kinder)


In the Marram room we provide a developmentally appropriate, integrated curriculum that is secure, yet flexible and supports children’s learning through a play based program. By using play resources that are open- ended and culturally inclusive we seek to provide a curriculum that will facilitate the learning of basic concepts and skills.

The curriculum also fosters Intellectual development through active learning, to think, to plan, to suggest, to initiate, to negotiate and to try.

Preschool children learn by engaging in activities that are real and meaningful to them – activities that encourage social and emotional development, skills, knowledge, ways of thinking and learning, and a disposition for learning, in an environment that encourages learning through social relationships.

In our room we cater for up to 16 children with 2 educators, at least one of which is a qualified kindergarten teacher.  The kindergarten program operates from 8am to 1pm daily during school terms. Outside of these hours long day care is offered with a more relaxed program that complements the kindergarten program.

The program in our room is developed for the specific needs and abilities of the children who participate in it. Through the techniques of observation, implementation and evaluation we are able to assess the interests and learning styles of your child. We see the learning environment as the “third teacher”, one that:

  • Is culturally inclusive
  • Enhances the collaborative process of learning between children, families and the community
  • Reflects the outdoors, by using natural materials, giving them a connection with the natural world
  • Is child centred, designed to meet the needs, interests, abilities and development of children
  • Has been negotiated by the teacher and the child
  • Rich in experience through play
  • Respectfully displays and documents the efforts of the children as they learn, through the use of photos, art work, group projects and explanations
  • Is discovery oriented