Wattletree Early Childhood Centre is a Victorian Government Funded 3 and 4 year old kindergarten, offered within an integrated long day care setting. Our kindergarten program promotes play based learning; this means that you will see a room filled with a variety of experiences that facilitate learning in literacy, numeracy, problem solving, social and emotional skills, intellectual development, respect for each other and the learning environment.

The 3 and 4yr old kindergarten room are run by qualified teachers who hold a Bachelor or above in Early Childhood Education; Teachers are registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching and are required to abide by the Australian Professional Standards. Teachers are responsible for meeting and maintaining high standards of professional practice and conduct.

Teachers are assisted by qualified educators who hold a Diploma of Children’s Services or Certificate 3. All staff who engage with your child throughout the day are qualified and experienced.

Wattletree Early Childhood Centre follows the vision of the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia. We believe that all children should have the opportunity to engage in learning that promotes confidence, curiosity, and creativity. Building these early foundations promotes children to become successful lifelong learners.

Room 4

Butterflies Room (3yr old Kinder)

Room 5

Rainbows Room (4yr old Kinder)